Brands build business.

When a business launches a new product or service, I help create their marketing strategy by defining: What do you offer that’s really different? Why is that important? How can we connect emotionally with your customers? We take those answers and create brochures, websites, videos or live events. The result is a strong brand that genuinely builds their business.

Consistency is key.

My experience as a copywriter and creative designer ensures that a consistent and compelling message is shared across all points of contact between our clients and their customers. In my view, the consistency of an engaging message is key to the effectiveness of a brand strategy.

Here come the bullet points.

If you prefer a list of what I do, here’s one:

  • Brand development (through visual Brand Boards and written Brand Platforms)
  • Creative direction (through collaboration with graphic designers)
  • Copywriting for print and web
  • Scriptwriting for TV and video
  • Naming, taglines and headlines, mission statements, elevator pitches, trade-show support, business plans, live-event scripting, and other loose ends 

This blog’s for you.

Most of my work comes through referrals from professional colleagues. They get what I do and what I can offer their clients. If you’re one of them, this blog is meant to support your efforts.

Robert Hyndman

can be reached at his Laguna Beach studio, 949.497.3179, or by using the form on the Contact Me page.
May 2017
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