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It’s time to think bigger

I’m a big fan of Michael Port. Among the many guides to self-promotion and building your business, his “Book Yourself Solid” stands out with solid information, practical guidance and innovative ideas. I highly recommend it.

His new book, to be released this week, is a call to action that is especially relevant in these anxious economic times.

“The Think Big Manifesto” encourages a personal revolution to stop accepting what is, and start energetically creating what is possible.

As the book’s inside-flap copy says: “Even the most talented and self-confident among us often forget to think big. It’s not always easy to do. That’s why The Think Big Manifesto is not your average motivational guide … The time has come. Port urges you not to sit back, hesitate, or wait. He awakens your big-thinking self. He stirs the contagious, catalytic power of once dormant big thoughts that are now ready to be released. He asks you to look inward, outward, and upward—to think bigger about who you are and what you offer the world.”

For more, check out the Think Big Revolution.


A simple guide to social networking

Noticed the explosive growth recently of people you know on Facebook? Or Linked-In and other social networks?

Design and marketing professionals are using these tools more and more. And in his blog The Marketing Voice, David Lecours of LecoursDesign offers some smart advice on how best to use these networks.

Among David’s tips: post presentations of what you’re working on, research your competition or new market sectors, practice “random acts of kindness” by offering recommendations to others, and make relationship-building a one-hour-a week habit.

Just as importantly, David shares “what not to do,” which includes lifecasting (“we don’t care what you had for breakfast”), too much sales promotion, forgetting that it’s all about narrowcasting, being too stiff with corporate-speak, and — my fave — “behaving like an ass and thinking you have some sort of on-line immunity.”

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