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Build a sense of urgency

More and more, my email inbox fills with offers for incredible deals. The catch? That great price may expire after one day, or when the limited supply is gone.

As a new cyclist, one of my favorite emails arrives daily from Chainlove, whose mission is pretty well laid out:

“Here’s how it goes down:¬†We slap a primo piece of cycling gear on our site at a scandalous price. We sell it ’til it’s gone. You leave feeling like a smooth criminal. The gear arrives fast and you’re back in the saddle.”

I love that. Clear. Punchy. Hip. And to the point. Any questions?

Chainlove takes it even further with graphics on their website showing how much time remains with each offer, and the dwindling quantity of each product available.

Building a sense of urgency into your offer creates a more compelling call to action. It also helps your message stand apart. Further, delivering these offers through Instant Alerts, emails, tweets, Facebook updates, etc makes the urgent offer that much more relevant.

How can it work for your professional services? Perhaps a discounted rate for a specific service for the first 3 to respond, or a free consultation for clients who contact you by a deadline.

Whether you extend the rate or the deadline really isn’t the point, because you probably will. The idea is to build a sense of urgency into your offers that compels action and starts a dialogue between you and your client.


Robert Hyndman

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