No guts, no glory

In our age of Google AdWords and sophisticated web analytics, I can’t imagine suggesting that a client invest in TV, radio, billboards or other media where effectiveness cannot be measured. The direct-marketer approach has taught us that if you cannot measure the results, the almighty ROI … you shouldn’t do it.

But Seth Godin challenges this attitude, suggesting in a recent blog post that “Most businesses (including your competitors) are afraid of big investments in unmeasurable media. Therefore, if you have the resources and the guts, it’s a home run waiting to be hit.”

Seth goes on to name several big brands whose commitment to these media is huge. And they flourish as a result. But if you do want to stray from the “measure the results” school, make sure you don’t even try to gauge the results as the basis for smart decision-making. “It’s still an art,” he says, “not a science.”

More importantly, realize that small investments in unmeasurable media nearly always fail.  So, Seth suggests: “Go big or stay home.”


1 Response to “No guts, no glory”

  1. 1 Jackie Lovato January 7, 2011 at 7:01 pm

    interesting. such a contrast to his pitch in Purple Cow…but if Seth says it, i’ll listen!

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