Start emailing. Or the terrorists win.

Sometimes, apparently, it’s best to take a somewhat indirect route to asking for the business. Take this recent blog entry from our friends at email-marketing enabler Vertical Response.

“If you’re reading this blog you probably know the importance of a web presence and how email marketing helps your business grow. Why not help a friend who owns a small business or a non profit today?” they suggest. “Oh, and tell them to start using email marketing, it doesn’t matter what email service provider they use.”

“If anything is going to strengthen our economy and get us out of these tough times it’s small businesses growing,” the VR folks remind us.

See? It’s not all about Vertical Response. It’s about helping the economy. (The latest spin on “It’s for the kids” and “… or the terrorists win.”)

I like this approach. But you may want to align your services in support of something a bit more relevant and immediate.


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