Time to pre-package your solutions?

Most of us prefer to offer our clients custom solutions, and emphasize our unique design and brand-development processes that add value to the final result. But challenging economic times are prompting new approaches.

Scott Keawekane of Creative Squeeze this week emailed a unique offer — his first advertising campaign in 6 years — that bundled various design and print “marketing kits” with names and prices assigned to each.

The decision, Scott says, was driven by current circumstances.

“First, it allows us to methodically prepare solutions that will inspire potential clients to begin having a vision beyond ‘How much do you charge for a logo?’ — hopefully giving them a few ‘I didn’t think about that before’ and/or ‘Oh, I  could use some of those’ moments.” he says. “Second, cost has become the numero uno factor for decision-makers over the past several months and will continue to be for some time.”

“Finally,” Scott says, ” our country is inundated with ambiguity right now, so rather than adding to it, we’ve eliminated the guesswork and laid it all out there … clear and simple.”

Responses already are coming in, with no “unsubscribe” clicks and every single recipient at least opening the email offer. 

“I had some interesting inquiries this morning,” Scott says, “so I know it’s generating interest.”


1 Response to “Time to pre-package your solutions?”

  1. 1 rjwcassard March 12, 2009 at 7:07 pm

    Pre-packaging is a great idea…especially when you sell a complex product. Voodoo has the ongoing challenge of taking overlapping products and differentiating them into pre-packaged products. Sometimes that’s what it takes to get the customer’s attention and make it all seem easy enough to move forward

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