Build your clients’ dreams

The guys at the Men With Pens blog remind us that while we may be in business to make money, build a better life, or play by our own rules, we also should be mindful that we’re in business to help someone else achieve their dreams.

“Helping the dreams of others come true is a pretty big responsibility,” writes Harry McLeod. “Your clients trust you with their project, but they also trust you with something far more precious. They trust you to handle their vision with care and attention.”

“As a writer, a designer, a marketer, your job involves taking the time and having the patience to unravel the tangles of the client’s dream to bring focus to the project.”

Sometimes the work we do may not match the vision of our clients’ dream. McLeod reminds us to be prepared to try try again with an open mind.

But remember, you’re the expert. So help them along, guide them, explain the process, and help them find clarity so they can achieve their dreams.


1 Response to “Build your clients’ dreams”

  1. 1 Harrison McLeod December 11, 2008 at 8:22 pm

    I think until you start getting the kind of feedback from your clients that actually brings a tear to your eye, you never fully realize how much your work means to them. This was a very enlightening experience for me and I’m glad you decided to pass it along. Thanks!

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